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Allwave CX

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CX, Surfski, designed by Allwave Italia and manufactured by PSI: 20'9" long x 16.4" beam.

The CX is a surfski for the discerning expert paddler, yet it is stable and easy enough for the intermediate paddler, even in heavy seas. The project arose out of South Africa to offer the paddler the ability to put maximum power into his stroke in whatever conditions. The ski is fast on flat water, surfs well in big seas and allows full concentration on the paddle stroke. The bow has generous volume tapering to a narrow paddle entry area, allowing for a fluid paddling movement. The seat position is comfortable and aids in the control of the ski. The waterline length is very long, thus translating into excellent boat speed. The foot rest is innovative since it allows the paddler to adjust its length backwards and forwards while on the water with a simple lever. The inclination of the steering pedals adjusts itself.

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