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Big Thanks

Hi Jim,
This is James Dunbar, my wife and I did a small boat coaching session with you a few months ago on Easter weekend. You taught us how to surf, read waves, and generally paddle better in bigger water. That coaching really paid off last weekend -- I just did a 20-mile race in Massachusetts called the Blackburn Challenge where I was neck-and-neck with another paddler for 19 of those miles. I was only able to pull it out in the last mile by catching a series of big bumps that he couldn't, which allowed me to snag 1st place. I don't think I would have been able to pull that off without the time we spent with you. Getting first at this race has been my goal since the start of our paddling season, so just wanted to say big thanks for helping make that a reality for me.

With Gratitude

Dear Jim,
As our plane was climbing out of Honolulu, Barbara and I were looking out the portside window at Waikiki and Diamond Head. Then—as the coast turned northwards, we spotted the Mokuluas.  What a big old flood of memories.

We will never forget our week in Kailua—and the great adventures you led us through. At the outset, my hope was that Barbara would get some professional coaching—mostly to make her safe on the cold waters here in California. You gave her more than I could have hoped for. 

By the time our week was finished, I was hugely relieved at her ability to self-rescue and to feel more comfortable in the canoe. But you also helped refine her stroke and in working with her in the double, gave her the experience of how to brace an OC2 racing through breaking surf. I have a vivid picture of the two of you plunging through the surf at Flat Island—with her bracing as you flew the ama. Couldn’t be better. 

Beyond all of that, she so enjoyed being out there, having fun, and becoming a paddler—thanks to you and the great Pete Binney. 

For me, I learned more in five days than I have in my last two years of watching YouTubes, reading books, and tentatively paddling out of Santa Cruz Harbor wondering if I knew what I was doing.

I learned a huge amount.  Learning how to catch waves correctly and having the thrill of seeing my canoe diving forward and riding waves will stay with me forever. My day with Pete outside the Mokes in the bigger water was at first, kind of startling. (That was big water for moi.) But learning how to ride ocean swells and especially finding out that I could easily self-rescue in large waves, has opened some doors of confidence for me. That’s pretty big. Paddling outside Santa Cruz Harbor has often been a little daunting for me. Now, I feel like I can read the conditions with a lot more knowledge and have a better understanding of how to keep improving as a paddler. (And thanks to you, how to keep it fun.)

Barbara and I have been married for going on 40 years and have done a lot together. This week working with you and Pete was a real keeper. Thank you so much. Barbara and I were impressed that you treated us more like family and friends than clients. Never for one moment did it feel like you were mailing this in. You were really there for us. Thank you.
Jocko (and Barbara)

Big Thank You Mr Foti

Aloha Mr Foti, my name is Vince DeMayo,

I & my family & a few friends, attended your outrigger camp in April of this year & I want to thank you for critiquing my paddle stroke.

We just returned a few days ago from World Police & Fire games in LA & we came back with several medals in the dragonboat competition. My wife Cate & the women's team are 3 time (back-back-back) women's 10 person boat champions. Canada really can't stand them now, coming in 2nd for a 3rd straight time! The men's boat came in 3rd for a second straight time & our mixed 20 person won bronze! Competition was really fierce this time so we are all proud to have done so well, especially that we had more women (5-6 more) on out boats compare to the other teams.

I am really e-mailing you because so many people on my team who practiced with us & those who did not, because they are in other states, who were in awe of my paddle stroke. So many remarked to my wife & my steerer who said to me how greatly I have improved in paddling. I was in the front left stroke seat, which is 2nd most important, in several races & they all said I was perfect in my rate, reach & power. I said to all of them that I owe the thanks to You & Your camp, including Ronga, for critiquing me. You showed me what I was doing wrong & how to do it better. I applied your techniques to dragonboating & it worked. It worked so well that I am showing others to help them improve their paddling. I even gave it a name- I call it the "FOTI STANCE".

Thank you once again Mr. Foti, you are a class act & I really appreciate what you did for me & my wife & how it helped our team have success in LA. I would & have recommended your camp to many others in the dragonboat & OC community.

Mahalo, Vince DeMayo

James Rojas

"I attended one of Jim's camps in Feb 2015. The camp size was small (6/7) so we each had a great deal of personal instruction from Jim. The level of experience varied quite a bit, but Jim was able to create workouts so no one was feeling left behind or feeling bored. We had several opportunities to surf OC1s around Kailua Bay and the Mokulua Islands. That was what I enjoyed the most. My confidence on an OC1 increased immensely, especially when surfing. An added benefit was that I was able to try out 5 different OC1s. That helped a great deal with my decision on which OC1 to buy next." Also, as a co-ch of a Novice team, I was able to pick up new teaching techniques and terminology that I have since used with my Novice team. I look forward to attending more of Jim's camps, and I have recommended his camps to several of my teammates/coaches."

Big Mahalo

Aloha Jim, 
Big Mahalo from me & the guys, they absolutely loved your session. 
Geoff said "was the highlight of his holiday" ! He was totally on cloud nine every time we chatted about it. 
Mark has already told me, we are coming back next year - twice !! 
All wedding stuff went great. 
Hope you have recovered from your op too and big Congrads on your induction into the 'Waterman hall of fame' - much deserved to you & your brother. 

We are in Maui now, hope to get a paddle here too. 
Renee Martin-Bell 
Living Life with a :))

Carol Schick

What you are to canoeing is what most of us can only dream about. Thank you!

Gary Gregg

jimfoti-garygregg-sqrI’ve been back in Sydney about three weeks now and have been putting into practice your advice.

You have helped me to be able to analyze my stroke by being aware of the various components and their cause and effect. For example. I am now aware that by letting the top hand drop down past the sternum towards the knees, the blade continues on past the hip and the boat de-powers, which in turn lessens the impact of the following stroke.

I have also found that with the correct stroke the boat is more stable in cross chop because of the greater boat speed. Although it's still not as stable as the Antares.

It's still not 2nd nature so I have to stay aware and I have found the top hand dropping when I get tired, but I suspect that will improve.

Jim, it was a great pleasure to spend time with you. My sincere thanks for your guidance. I now feel I can at least see the way forward to becoming a better paddler.

– Gary Gregg, Sydney Australia

Satisfied Steersman

Steered this morning @ 7.  Felt good and the class helped me feel more confident in the canoe,   Raye Soares

Singapore to Molokai

We were 16 keen paddlers from Singapore looking for a Hawaiian adventure, so we decided to take on the challenge of the Kaiwi Channel. Who better to guide us than Jim Foti? A local legend. We were lucky to strike epic conditions, certainly a lot different to the flat waters of Singapore. Jim took great care of us and ensured our trip was not only an absolute blast but also safe. I have no hesitation in recommending Jim for your next paddling adventure. Mahalo!



Steering Wisdom

Mahalo, Mollie and family, for the special day of Jim’s steerage wisdom. I learned a few important things and went on to work feeling so good! Aloha, Alexandra Avery

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